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Thursday, 14-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nordeste part 4...the final part

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E aĆ­ galera! Beleza!?

Ok...hears to the last chapter of this good as it was rather said.

We had mad fun here...oh, and for Pat, Eliza and Juulia, our lunch (Alison, Craig and me) was so much better!!! For those that have no idea of what I am on about...don't worry!!!

SO here in Rio (said as Heo if that fag Lochland is out there...bloody rower), we did a large nuber of things, like mucked around on the beaches Ipanema and Copacabana, walked around the areas near there, went up to Pao de acucar (Sugar loaf mountain), up to Cristo Redentor (Giant Jesus), went to the Hard Rock Cafe, the place where Carnivale in Rio happens (alas, i ran out of battery power so i have no fotos of that!!!) and at some point we went past the biggest slums there as well!!!

So here are my fotos...Enjoy!!!

Alastair MP Duly

Friday, 1-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nordeste part 3

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OK!!! sorry about the wait my loyal viewers...BUT there has been a lot of problems geting this work up!!!

So in this edition of travels of the ACE/ACC/Lester/ (why do i bother???) we have my fotos from Salvador, only fotos from day one though as i was sick the next day. And there were also some other photos that were taken by good old frank.BUT I deleted them because i didn't really want them...i think I should have kept them!!!

Then we have these photos from Porto Seguro!!! It was a blast down there!!! And some random stuff happened there...for example...Trent ended up dressing up as a girl and danced onstage!!! Alas...I was still infected with that strange bug from Salvador so my time in Party Central of Brasil was runined.
Could have been worst!!!

Well...stay tuned cause next one of these will have my pictures of Rio de janeiro!!! NOSSA!!! WOW!!!

So untill next time, anyone out there who is looking at my site!!!


Friday, 15-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Nordeste trip...Part 2

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Well well well, sorry about the wait BUT here is the long awaited part 2 of the Nordeste trip...the trip of dreams!!!

In todays edition of this great trip, i will show most of the photos from Lencois (there were a lot of them...TOO many if you ask me!!!)!!!

If you want to find out more about these trips, send me an email...
I am more than happy to answer a few questions!

OH yeah, sorry abou the wait...there were a lot of problems over the last few months!!!

bem...meu portugues e' merda agora!!! nao sei esquerver!!! So falar!!! MEU DEUS!!! desculpa!!!
Por favor, mada um email para mim porque presico aprender mais portugues!!!


Sunday, 10-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Nordeste trip...Part 1

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Ok...some people might like to know what was going though my head during this trip...i could tell you...but that might freak u lot out and then no one would be happy...

In simple words, if I had the change to go back in time and change something...this would be it (hate to say it though!)

To all those people who don't know anything about whats on this page so far...might as well say something!!! My name is Alastair Matthew Peter the current point of time, i can't spell!!! No...i'm 17, living in Australia AND last year (2004) I was living in brazil as an exchange student...

I started this site so i could get all my fotos up, cause Craig (my bro...miss ya!!!) can't get my storage space up!!! Ah well, when all else fails, time to do what i do best...improvise!!!

The Sao Paulo fotos were the first "gringo" fotos i took, and i will only put up gringo fotos for now! That was the first time i saw my family/fellow exchange students. You can see more of them at

This was the northeast trip, the trip of dreams they called a way it was, but then, on my already troubled mind...wait, can't say things like that, must be HAPPY!!!

This trip took us from Belo Horizonte, to Ouro Perto, Brasilis, Lencois, Maceio (loved that place!!!), Salavdor, Porto Seguro and finally, the famous Rio de janeiro

These fotos are the first part of it all...Belo Horizone (first 3), Ouro Perto (next 20) and then Brasilia (next 29)

Desculpa...mas eu nao sei como falar tudo aqui em portuges!!! Talves um outra foto...

PS, I have a thing for writing in GET OVER IT!!!


oh, that right, i also have another site...
have a read of it sometime, has a lot more fotos there!

Saturday, 9-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Well, heres to the start of that year...Sao Paulo

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OK people, these were the photos I took between the time I left OZ and up to when I left Sao Paulo...this is the camp

I hope that everyone who was there likes them...sorry about the wait!!!

Bem...neste fotos e' de meu acampamento em Sao Paulo, foi bom!!! Bom de mais!!! Acho meu portuges e' merda agora tambem!!!

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